I sat with a friend who believed in honesty.  “Me too” I said.  He said his beliefs had gotten him into trouble.  “Really?” I said.  “How so”?


He’s a preacher.  He preaches from his heart  and from the text.  Sometimes in his efforts to be “real” he shares stuff from his own journey.  No disrespect, but this guy’s journey is full of crazy spots.   I know we all struggle but sometimes the dimensions and depths of our struggles aren’t really for mass public consumption.  I have watched Jerry Springer enough times to know I can’t handle a steady diet of it.  And I  know for sure that I don’t expect a Sunday sermon to be mini version of a Jerry episode.

Anyway, a little while back he subjected his listening audience to a little reality show story from his personal life.  It was honest, but it was brutally honest.  Not everyone wanted to hear the details.  Some even challenged the wisdom of it and invited him to be more discreet in his public disclosures.

He felt hurt.  He was just being honest he felt.  I listened and heard his heart.  But then I appealed to his head…”I don’t think they are challenging you for being honest, they are asking you to be wise.  What you shared scared them more than it helped them. People have a crazy enough life on their own.  They can’t handle too much information from their pastor”.

He heard me, but it remains to be seen if he listens to me.