I have received a fair number of comments on my blog posts of late.  I am always pleased to receive them as it indicates “somebody” out there is reading this stuff.  I don’t know “who” actually does, though I do know “how many”.  Usually the commenter remains  anonymous even though they have a posting identity.

I’ve found out a couple of things.
1.  the blogging community is a pretty supportive one.  The bulk of comments are  quite appreciative.  I guess we’ve all learned the lesson “that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.

2.  the written word detached from personally knowing the author, or seeing the body language of the speaker, makes it rife for misunderstanding.  I’ve had a few comments that made me realize the reader “heard something different than I intended to write”.   Written words are not always the easiest or best way to communicate.

3.  Clarifying one’s words doesn’t always “clarify” things.  I have tried to establish dialogue but realize at times we are just like “two ships passing in the night”.  Grrr.

stock photo : Wireless black telephone with cradle isolated on white background

4. It came home to me earlier today when a friend telephoned me to talk about a blog from a little while back.  Unbeknownst to me we had been dialoguing over several days.  His blog identity was so well veiled that I had no clue with whom I was speaking.  We actually howled with delight when we talked over the phone!

So, I say all this to say…let’s keep talking.  But let’s not let our words get in the way of our communication.

As a side bar, it makes me smile that when God wanted to do His best work in communicating with us, He didn’t send us a book.  He sent His Son, in person.  And people were able to quiz Him, challenge Him, ask Him to restate and elaborate.  It’s arguably a lot better than email.