I know the title sounds grandiose.  But hey, it got your attention.

The New York Yankees are in a slump right now.  Their bats which all season long had been their bread and butter have suddenly gone cold.  Yes, the pitching at this time of year is at a higher level but the Yankees performance is Arctic and Antarctic (2 extremes of cold).   If things continue, their collective team batting average will be right around .200 which means 4 out of 5 batters cause an out rather than a hit.

It’s not as if they are striking out a lot.  In fact, their strikeouts are pretty low.  They are getting wood on the ball but they are just “off” in their timing.  And even when they make good contact with the ball it seems to fly like a “zinger” right at a defender in the field.  Grrr.   Then big things happen like player injuries, or player “mental lapses”, or umpire miscues.  These things happen all the time but there seems to be a convergence of issues.

They are in a slump.

Tigers close in on pennant with 2-1 win over Yanks

I think we can get into personal slumps at times. I see signs of one in my life right now.  There used to be things that flew for me, but now they flop.  Words that used to be golden now grind when uttered.  Tactics that were priceless are now seemingly worthless.  Relationships that used to soar now struggle.  You know what I mean?

You can do a fair bit of self examination.  Some of it is changeable.  Easily changeable.  Some of it is poor timing.  Some of it is due to blind spots.  Some of it is circumstantial.  Bad things happen.  Who knew when the transmission was going to fall apart?  But cumulatively, they really add up to a “slump”.

Me?  I am going to do the New York Yankee thing.  I can’t just fold up and disappear.  There is a game to play.  But, I’ll take some extra licks in the batting cage working on my swing.  I’ll simplify my approach lest I get too cluttered in my thinking.  I’ll try to think before I act considering how words might be perceived.  And eventually, you play your way out of a slump.  Oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt to get a look-at from a swing coach too.  Sometimes they see things that are in my blind spots.

There is the story in the Bible from the life of Joseph.  For seven years he and the people around him had an incredible time…everything worked and abounded.  It was “glory”.  But then seven more years came when “nothing worked”.  Seven lean years.  Yikes, that’s what I call a slump.