My wife’s doctor just phoned her.  I thought it was cool…but also kind of strange…it’s not usual for a doctor to make “house calls”.  Anyway, she’d been to see him recently and he was following up with some results and suggestions from the tests.  His suggestion to her was “make sure you eat plenty of fibrous foods and try to get some daily exercise”.  Not a bad set of suggestions.

After she hung up, she turned to me and said “I think he’s making a good point.  But I just don’t feel inspired to get some exercise.  Can I borrow some of your motivation and we can go?”


How many times in life do we find ourselves deficient in something?  Not derelict, not neglectful, not wasteful…just deficient?

I am down a pint of courage right now can I borrow…?  I need a jolt of faith right now, any chance I could borrow…?   My love tank is running low and I have a very difficult situation with my (fill in the blank here), you wouldn’t happen to have some spare…?

I don’t think the idea of borrowing a renewable resource is all that strange.  It sounds like a good idea.  I guess the bigger challenge is having someone in your life that has abundances at the right time.  It’s hard when there is no one there.

And the flip side, when we have abundances, are we able to pour into someone else’s life from our overflows?

Not to go all “preachy” on you here, but I think that’s why God gives us more than we can handle (positively and negatively).  So we can share with the people around us.

What do you think?