I hope I can make this post make sense.  Here goes.

Life is like jazz.  More specifically, people are like jazz.  Even more specifically, getting along with people is like jazz.  You have to figure out where things are (potentially) going and step into it adjusting all along the way to make it work.

In my younger days I took just enough music theory to be dangerous.  I understand a little bit about chord progression, augments, 7ths, minors, etc.  If you are playing along with people you have to know what key they are in, but then you have to follow along with them adjusting to them, and having them adjust to you.  It can be really quite sweet until you start losing each other and it may just descend into cacaphony until you find each other again (if you ever do).

So I am “hanging” with a friend the other day.  The setup to getting together was “let’s have a coffee”.   I agreed, he agreed.  We met at Starbuck’s.  We are in the same key.

He started down the “sports” chords, and I picked up.  Baseball, World Series, a little football.  Lots of fun, easy to do.

I threw a “life /work chord” into the conversation.  I asked about his job?  He adjusted his music with a couple of transitional chords to go to a different run, he even moved to a different key.  His body posture shifted, he uncrossed his legs, he became visibly tense as we moved to some new stuff.  He threw a few stiff notes against the wall …I listened and hit the “sustain” pedal.  When he’d had his stataccato burst for a few bars, I then hit a minor chord to soften the conversation.  He came back to the run and we continued on playing music with each other.


Make sense?

On a higher, deeper level, working with God can be like playing jazz.  Lots of fun usually, periodically not very easy as you try to follow along, but really sweet when you connect.