In my last post I talked of a book I am reading. It’s Philip Yancey’s “What’s So Amazing About Grace”.  It’s a good book and I really encourage you to read it if you have a chance.  It communicates a dimension of our Christian God that gets lost too often in our lives and in our churches.

In my post, I talked about how I should “give this book away”. Well, God took me up Front Coveron the brash statement.   I gave my copy away.

In my work as a pastor I periodically sit down to talk with people about their spiritual journey.  The friend in front of me was asking for help.  She had known me for about 15 years as a pastor. but I hadn’t seen her in a decade.  Her opening words were “I’ve never sensed you’ve judged me even though I’ve had plenty of things to be judged for”.  She related the  details of the past decade and a half, and yep, she was right.  She’d done a lot of crazy, hurtul, damaging things.

But in the last year or two she was turning her life around.  She’d finished up a destructive relationship, she’d taken seriously what it means to be a mom to her children even though  it meant being a single mom, she’d found a job and was working steady hours.  Frankly, I thought she was doing marvellously.

Her point in coming to me was she needed help in the “God piece”.  When she was younger she’d gone to Sunday School and she had warm memories of some pretty fantastic stories.  But her adult life didn’t have the same traction.  What did she need to do/be aware of/change up/energize in order to find spiritual wellness?

So, I went to my car, picked the book up off the driver’s seat, walked back into the coffee shop and said “here, read this book.  I think it’ll help”.  Her eyes lit up.  On one level someone she trusted gave her something tangible, not just a pat on the back, not a series of 12 steps, not even a mini sermon.  On another level I offered her hope that things could be different.  On another level, I “gave” her the book…not loaned, “gave”.  But I did ask a favour from her.  “When you are done, and if you think it’s any good, would you find someone else to give it to and make it a gift to them?”   Her response—“no problem”.

I guess I am kind of on a “be gracious” kick lately.