I won’t lie to you.  I like simplicity.  I can handle complexity as long as it’s a simple complexity.  Confusion isn’t nearly as much fun to me as is clarity.  Give me simple.  So, here’s my post–3 simple questions to help you manage life.

Question #1.  What do you want?   What DO you want?  Many of us are afraid to state it outright.  Sometimes it’s because we really don’t know what we want.  Other times it can be because we are fearful that people won’t receive what we want.  Many times we don’t want to say it lest we be deemed brash or bold or aggressive or narcissistic.  Whatever!  But you need to know what you want.  Clarify it.  State it in a simple proposition.  “I want…”

Question #2  What stands in the way of what you want?  No, seriously, if you don’t have what you want, what’s standing in the way?   Procrastinators–what’s standing in your way?  Office worker–what’s standing in your way?  Church leader–what’s standing in your way?  I am of the opinion that usually there is something standing in the way.  If it weren’t the case then a lot more of us would be a lot further towards answering question #1.  So, what IS standing in your way?

Question #3?  Having answered question 1 and 2, how about the third–what will YOU do about question 1 and 2?  The kicker is, “you”.  Or put more personally, “me”.   I think that this may be the toughest of the three questions.  The first two are pretty easy to figure out but it requires some strategy and some planning on number 3.  It may take a while before it really takes root and progress is seen.  But you know, every journey starts with a first step.

If  you are leading an organization…how can these three questions be helpful?  If you are an individual looking to change your life…how can these three questions do something productive for you?