When I was a kid it was an easy question to answer.  It was Pat, Larry, and Brad.  We were joined together because were in the same class  in school for years running.  But more than that, we were joined together because we shared a common love for the Detroit Tigers.  We bonded over radio broadcasts of “Tiger Baseball”.  Ray Lane and George Kell floated into our lives on summer evenings and we would act out their calls pretending to be –Denny McLain, or Mickey Lolich, or even John Hiller on occasion.  Or, we’d stand up to an imaginary batter’s box and imitate Al Kaline, Norm Cash, Bill Freehan,  Willie Horton or Gates Brown and we’d send a fastball arching over the center field wall.  Usually it was with one or two men on, and it would often be in the bottom of the 9th in our imaginations.

Bill Freehan, C________12
Norm Cash, 1B__________20
Dick McAuliffe, 2B_____22
Jim Northrup, CF______101
Willie Horton, LF______55
Al Kaline, RF__________11
Mickey Lolich, P_______72

Ray Oyler- Lowest BA among regulars in the 1960’s (.171)
Earl Wilson- Best hitting pitcher of the 1960’s
1968- Best World Series of the 1960’s (along w/ ’60 and ’64)
Most Single Season Wins in 1960’s: Denny McLain (31)
Best Player of 1960’s not to win MVP: Al Kaline

Who’s your best friend today?

That’s not as easy to answer.  Pat, Larry, and Brad have all grown up and moved on.  So have I for that matter.   Adulthood brings autonomy and also movement.   Nothing stays the same.

But we still need friends.  Pity the soul who has no one they claim to be “best friends” with.  It’s a lonely enough life by itself to have to go it alone.   Who are your friends today?  Who would claim you as their friend?  Hmmmm.