This Sunday is something called the “Grey Cup” match here in Canada.  I am aware of the location of the bulk of my readers so bear with me as I explain the significance of the event.  It’s a football match (not a soccer match).  It’s a Canadian football match (similar to US football, but different).  It’s for the championship of the Canadian Football League (similar to the Super Bowl but we are not so audacious in Canada.  This match means supremacy, but not supremacy of the world, just Canada.)  The game has huge interest to Canadians.  Some say it’s part of what defines us as Canadians.  It certainly is one of the few things that Canadians have an overwhelming interest in.    Amazingly it gets as much television viewer interest as almost any other event–including the Stanley Cup playoff matches (hockey for those learning about Canadian sport culture).

Anyway, my thesis is—the Grey Cup is a helpful metaphor for the people of God.  Why?

1.  The Grey Cup is the ultimate prize for Canadian footballers.  You have to have an “ultimate” prize.  Jesus is our ultimate prize.

2.  The Grey Cup invites teams to compete for it.  Christians are amazingly competitive people.  Yes we are!  We need to compete as athletes for the prize.

3.  The Grey Cup recognizes differences, and validates them.  It’s Eastern Canada vs Western Canada.  Christians may say they are one–but we are different.  We are Baptists, and Pentecostals, and Methodists, and Charismatics, and Anglicans, and Missionary Alliance, and Lutherans, and Roman Catholics.  We are different.

4.  The Grey Cup invites us to a sense of victory, but not dominance.  If you win the Grey Cup, you are the Canadian Football League Champion.  Yes, you can celebrate it but be careful of arrogance. Come on–it’s the Canadian Football League people.  Eight teams only for goodness sake.  I don’t know if I can pull this one off but here’s my transition.  As a Christian, I celebrate my victory in Jesus.  But I don’t want to become arrogant and dominant in my mind.  There is a whole world out there that doesn’t recognize Jesus.   And frankly, dismisses Jesus. That’s okay.  I am a victor in Jesus.  When my team wins the Grey Cup I celebrate even if the bulk of the world doesn’t give a rip about it?  (make sense?)

5.  The Grey Cup is a party.  It’s not just a football game.  It lasts a week long.  For a Christian, it’s supposed to be a party.  I know I’m stretching it.  But I think the Christian is supposed to have a little more fun they most seem to be having.  I think we treat our Christian journey too much like hot sweaty August football practice times than we do Grey Cup times.  Something to be gutted out rather than enjoyed.  Too bad.  The Grey Cup is a party.

Any other parallels you can think of? Take a shot at it.