I went to a Bruce Cockburn concert a little while back.  Most of you recognize the name?  He’s a very talented Canadian troubador.  Don’t go for the “entertainment” value if you have a chance to be at a Bruce concert.  He doesn’t “entertain” very well.  He doesn’t converse much with the attendees.  He doesn’t respond to their applause or react to their shouts either.  He just plays his music.

He comes across as aloof.  I think it’s because he’s more of an artist than an entertainer.  I can live with that.

Usually I post a photo at this point in my blog.  Instead I am inserting a link to a youtube capture of one of Bruce’s songs-The Cry of a Tiny Babe.




This being Christmas time, I’ll let Bruce do the talking for the rest of this post.  Enjoy the opportunity to hear Christimas done in a gritty, real, authentic way.  Cut and paste into your browser if needs be.