I like it simple. The simpler the better.  The preacher was border line simple this morning and I appreciated it.  He got a little technical and complex in a few spots but he eventually backed his way  out of the box canyon and managed to get it back on track.

His big point was the difference between “wishing and hoping”.  We use the words interchangeably but they really are  extremely different.

“Wishing” is an internal desire, with the realization that it may not happen.  “Hope” is understood as “confident anticipation”.   There is a big difference between the two.

We can say we “hope to win the lottery this Friday night” but unless we are suffering from some kind of delusion, we are are really saying “we are wishing we would win it, but we realize it may not happen”.  We can even say “we hope to have a great family Christmas” but again the truth is “we are wishing for it, but we know it may not happen” (insert humorous, painful stories about in laws and out laws at Christmas here).

But for NT Christians, this season is a season of “hope”  when we have confident anticipation in God.  He promised He wouldn’t leave us desparate and in the fulness of times–He came through.  He sent His Son.  You can trust Him.

And He still invites us to trust Him–to have “hope” in Him.  Christmas on one level validates that God can be trusted.

I think there are things in our lives that we wish were different but there are some things that we “HOPE” will be different.  And those things will be different if we place our “HOPE” in God.

I heard a good message from the preacher today.