I am not trying to cast doubt on the goodness of God.  That’s not wise.  I know the Psalmist does it quite regularly but last time I checked, my name wasn’t David, and I really don’t have the personal liberty in my spirit to go commando against the Deity.  Me?  I am a get along guy.

But every once in a while I need help to understand a little better.  Like when my wife hands me a mittfull of pills, vitamins, additives, and tonics, and says “here, swallow these, they are good for you”.  I don’t  have a clue as to what I am swallowing, and some of them taste a little vile if they start to dissolve on my tongue,  but I take her word as truth.  They must be good for me–my wife wouldn’t try to harm me would she?

And then I go to my family physician for some assistance and he has the audacity to suggest it would be good for me to get more exercise.  So I go to the local gym and excite myself for 20 minutes daily on the treadmill and push some weights around.  And for the first 3 days I ache like a bad rubber band.  He says “it’ll be good for you” but frankly, it doesn’t feel good at least initially.  Where is the rush of endorphines he says will flood my system?

You see where I am going, how come the things that are supposed to be “good”, don’t always “feel good”?  Because good, is greater than our feelings.  Than how do I know what’s good for me if I initially feel bad by what it involves?  I have to trust the one giving me the advice.

Which is where I am going in the big idea today–is God good really, all the time?

I won’t lie to you–sometimes God doesn’t feel good to me. Sometimes He puts me in situations that feel incredibly uncomfortable even painful.  Sometimes I really doubt the wisdom of His daily plan.

But I trust Him.  That He has it figured out and if I can keep getting my head around what’s coming down, it’ll work out “good” for me in the longer run.

So, basically God says—“you can trust Me with big picture, how about you trust me with the little picture of your daily life?”

So, I can say—God is good, all the time.  And even on those days when it doesn’t feel good, I trust Him for the bigger picture.    But there are days when my faith works way overtime believing it.