Two and a half weeks to go til Christmas (17 days) and I have just completed Christmas party/gathering number 7.  People are getting smarter it seems as they are scheduling these things earlier and earlier every year.  Only 4 more to go.  The first one was actually November 25th which seemed a little early but at the time I thought it was smart to “get it out of the way”.

Office, work, school, neighbourhood, church, family, extended networks of friends, athletic clubs, book clubs, … you name it and if there is a social connection there is some energy for a “get together before Christmas”.

How do you find that kind of stuff?  Wearying?  Rejuvenating?  Fun?  Frustrating?  I won’t lie to you, they start to run into each other and lose their distinctiveness after a while.  The conversations get repeated from event to event and eventually you can’t remember if you are repeating yourself or saying something profound to the person in front of you.   And at some point you get to the place where you begin to “count them down” rather than “ramp up” for them.

For me, since I am a people-person, I actually look forward to them.  I miss seeing friends and it’s such a good way to get together.

I remember reading in history books as a student that during the First World War the Western Allies were penned into mortal conflict with their German enemies across the field.  But on December 24, both sides dropped their weapons, stood up, waved flags of “peace” across to each other and observed a day of “truce” —because it was Christmas.

I wonder if this is part of the  point when the angels announced to the shepherds “peace on earth, and goodwill to all men”?

I like the goodwill that social gatherings at Christmas brings.

And oh yeah, at Christmas social gatherings I always allow myself to indulge in butter tarts.  At other times of the year I can say “no” to such, but at Christmas I don’t hold back.  So, in conclusion, I like the good will, and I like the butter tarts.