Boy we have a lot of “stuff” in our family.  I have a lot of “stuff” in my life.  My wife asked me on the weekend her annual question “what do you want for Christmas”?  I’ve only been married 33 years and it shouldn’t have caught me off guard but I didn’t have a ready answer for her.  She wants to buy me something as a tangible gift for Christmas.  My mind began to race—1.  clothing?  2.  something for recreation? (a dozen golf balls?)  3.  an electronic toy?   4.  something edible?  5.  a tool or handyman gift?   The trouble is, I don’t need anything in the preceding categories (okay, I  can always use golf balls.  Where I play golf the architects have done some nasty stunts like install water ponds and in a lot of cases “huge dense trees and bushes” along the fairways.  Definitely unfair).

But what do “I” want for Christmas?

Holiday Meals at the Charlotte Rescue Mission

I guess I want to feel like what I have done or been involved in “brings Christmas” to someone who can genuinely appreciate it.

I can easily get into the idea of a child’s Christmas and see the glow in their eyes as they stare at the Christmas tree full of gifts–many of them with their name on them.  But I want to go deeper…

The first Christmas was for people who didn’t have anything–nothing–nada–zilch–except if you think poverty despair and hopelessness count for something.  It didn’t “fix everything immediately”.  In fact, it didn’t really fix anything on that day.  No warmer socks to wear, no more food to eat, no blankets provided, no new house to live in.  All it brought was “hope” to some shepherds that things would be “okay”.  For a moment things were okay.  And then they went back to the mundane things of life…tending sheep.  But it was different because they believed the angel and saw the baby with their own eyes and they knew that things would be different.   They had hope.

I want to step into the life of someone this Christmas and for a moment, help them believe afresh that things can and will eventually be different.  I can’t fix their lives.  But I can make a difference for a moment.

I am going to find somebody who doesn’t have a lot and “bring Christmas to them”.  And for a moment, their lives will feel the full impact of love and care and concern and grace…