I’ve been thinking a little bit lately about how “loud” my life is.   And how “loud” I am in the midst of my own life.  I talk a lot.  Sometimes it is because people talk to me and invite me to speak, but other times it is because my personality is given to being “outspoken” and I tend to initiate conversations.  Either way, I realize that I talk a lot.

But I’ve been reflecting on a side story in the original Christmas story.  Have you ever noticed the “silence” that seems to be part of the story?  One  side story to the birth of Jesus is the story of the birth of John the Baptist.  His father Zechariah didn’t believe that he and his wife could bear a child at an advanced age and as a result of his “unbelief” he was committed to silence over the term of his wife’s pregnancy (Luke 1).   Another side story was when the shepherds visited Mary and Joseph to check in on the new born Saviour, the story suggests that Mary didn’t say a whole lot but “pondered their words in her heart” (Luke 2).   Sure there were shouts and celebrations in the story, but there were also silences and quietnesses.

So, for today, and maybe over the next little while I think I am going to “ponder” more.   Just let others talk and listen to what they are saying without feeling the need to jump in, jump on, or jump over their words.    If somebody asks me about what I’m thinking because I am so quiet, I think I’ll just respond “I’m thinking”.

What do you think?