Come on now, you know the words.  It’s karaoke time.  I am old enough to hear Perry Como singing it.  I seem to recall the Carpenters doing a cover of it.  I should check and see if Buble has done anything on it yet.   “Oh there’s no place like HOME for the holidays…”   Check it out on You Tube if you can’t dredge it up in your mind.


Where’s home for you this Christmas season?  My realtor friend told me the other day that people move every 5 years on the average.  So chances are if you are reading this you have moved 4? 5? 6?  or maybe more times over the years?  Home has some emotional attachment to it, but there is no guarantee you can get there because your home has been relocated so many times.

Robert Frost helps us out when he pens the quote “home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in”.

Frost is right.  There is a “physicality” to home.  It is a place.  But what characterizes “home” isn’t the physicality or even locality.  It’s the “people” there who open the door for you.  Whether by invitation, or obligation, they open the door.

This Christmas we are going to be with our oldest daughter, her husband and our grandson.  They want us to come (they say it so often that I believe they really do!).   They are taking us in.

How about you?  Not only “where” is home for you?  But “who” is home for you?

In the Biblical story of Christmas there is a sub-theme that goes along with this.  Jesus was born in Bethlehem, because “no one” would take Joseph and Mary in, and there was “no where” else to stay.  Sounds to me like he was “homeless” on both counts.