So I am talking with my son in law today.  For a young guy he’s learned a lot over the years.  Most of the things he’s learned he would say have come “the hard way”.  But at least he’s learned them I say.  Too many people go through a ton of hard knocks and never learn their lessons and consequently repeat their mistakes time and time again. 

He has an entrepreneurial mind.  He sees more opportunities in a week than many people see in a lifetime and everyone of them is an “opportunity for someone” in his mind.  His first business was as a 10 year old.  He borrowed his dad’s lawnmower, parked a 5 gallon can of gas on it, and began walking door to door in his neighbourhood on Saturdays inviting people to pay him $10 to cut their lawns.   He was incredibly successful as a 10 year old.

Ever since then there have been almost a dozen startups by him that have flopped immediately, flopped after a while, didn’t flop and made money but then he sold them,  and some that didn’t flop because they never really started.  How can you call it a start up if it never started? (I ask).

Anyway, we are having lunch today talking about what we want in life and in his case it’s usually measured by an annual income.  Today he surprised me.  Yes, he still had an annual figure that he was seeking but it was much less than he used to dream about making.  He repeated the old slogan that “money can’t buy happiness” but then he backed it up by saying he “just wants a little peace in his life”.  No a bad goal-a little peace in life.

The angel’s message on the first Christmas was “peace on earth, good will to all men”.  I like that.  Jesus’ purpose was to bring peace.  As a follower of Jesus I hope that people would think of me as a peace bringer and not a disturber.

How about you?