Everybody is afraid of something.  I think even the toughest stiffs in the universe are afraid of something.  In fact, the biggest bullies are often the biggest pansies in the garden.  We are all afraid of something.

1.  An undersized person can be afraid of the bully who uses his size to intimidate others around him.  Remember grade school?

2.  A shy teenager can be afraid of the teacher asking her to stand and offer her answer or opinion on a subject.  Remember high school?

3.  A worried mother caring about her wandering adolescent son can be filled with fear when the son doesn’t get in by curfew and no phone call comes to explain his safety or lack thereof.   Remember being a parent?

4.  A struggling business man fears to pick up the phone when the receptionist alerts him that the bank manager is on the phone.  Remember running a business?

5.   A caring woman can fear for her marriage when stress levels rise and arguments increase in the union.    Remember the tough days of marriage?

6.  An out of work college graduate with huge bills can be afraid that there is no hope for the future.   Remember being broke?

7.  A  faltering alcoholic can be afraid of getting caught while she sneaks a drink before heading home after work.    Remember what it feels like to feel guilty?

8.  A competent adult can be filled with fear when visiting their aging parent in the senior’s home.   Remember what death smells like?

9.  A sensitive 8 year old can be afraid of the dark.  A sensitive 18 year old can be afraid of the first day of college.  A sensitive 28 year old can be afraid of ever finding a mate.    A sensitive 38 year old can be afraid of…a sensitive 88 year old can be afraid to die.

10.  Every body is afraid of something.

It is said of the shepherds who were visited by angels on the first Christmas eve that when they encountered the angels, they were “sore afraid”.    My Texan son in law says “they were some scared”.

What were they afraid of?

What we don’t understand we often react in fear to.  Can’t say I blame them.  It’s not every night you get a strange luminous creature hovering on your patio deck talking to you. Sometimes what we do understand we react in fear to.  Maybe the shepherd(s) didn’t have as innocent a life as we’d like to think.  In the proverbial sense of the word, maybe they thought they were “busted”?  They were scared.

I won’t lie to you.  If God showed up luminous form and started talking to me  I think my adrenal glands would kick into overdrive (flight or fight syndrome).

But then the angel speaks on informing them to “fear not because I bring you good news of great joy”.  God is not mad at you, in fact, He’s sent a Savior to help you out.

I like reading that part because I have to be reminded regularly that God is not mad at me.  He has sent someone along to help.  He’s my Saviour.   Lots of people may be against me, but God isn’t.   Be bold, be courageous.