I went to church tonight on Christmas eve.  It’s not unusual for us to do that.  I think my wife and I have done it for at least 35 years in a row.  We are married 33 years and it took me two years to convince her to marry me so that’s  the reason for the round number.

But tonight was especially powerful.  I wept my way through the entire service.  Why was that?  Hmmmm.

The carols we sang weren’t new–I’d heard them all before.  And we didn’t really sing them very well.  But I cried as we did.

The soloist was okay.  He rendered “O Holy Night” and was a little flat in a few spots.  But I cried some more.

A family got up and lit the candles on the Advent Wreath.  It was touching to see a mom, dad, and two kids serve in this way.  I felt okay about crying here.  It was touching.

The pastor preached a 15 minute sermon and I stopped crying.  Yep, he dried me up.  Some preachers are just dry preachers.  It’s not his fault.  He can’t help it.  He’s dry.

And then he invited us to come forward for communion and that made me cry some more.  When the associate minister handed me a morsel of bread, and the youth helping her handed me a thimble of juice, well, I just lost it big time.  It was cry-city all over again.

Why was I so emotionally touched by all this?  I think it was because I so felt the love of God through the entire service that my spirit just wept for joy.  Seriously, a middle aged white guy weeping tears of joy over the good news of God.  That He loves us and has sent us His Son as a gift to us…if we but receive it.  It was powerful.

There’s a movie a few years back entitled “Jerry Maguire” when the heroine says to the hero, “you had me at ‘hello’ “.  Well tonight, the Spirit of God had me at “welcome we’re so glad you’ve come”.  It was all downhill after that.

How about you?  Did you get to a Christmas eve service?  How did it go for you?