I’ve read a lot of New Year’s Resolutions posts in the last 3 or 4 days. I like them. I even went back to friends’ posts from 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. It was great. People always make front end proclamations. There is a commonality in people’s lists. See if you can identify yourself in anything pictured below–

Why do  I make them in the first place?  I think there’s value.  On the one hand it expresses my desires for something different.  It shows I  have some “hope” left in my soul.  I am  looking for a different newer reality for myself.   Wouldn’t it be great if we had new life in the new year?

On the other hand, it also expresses “discontentment” with present reality which I think is also a good thing.  I can’t go forward til  I leave something behind.  I am the first to admit there are a ton of things that need to be different in me personally and the life around me.  Having a sanctified grumpiness is a good thing as long as it doesn’t turn you into a grump.

That’s where the gist of this post came from–the distance between what we want to be and the what we presently are.  Our aspirations invite us to set a flight plan for the moon but our state of affairs makes it really hard to just “take off” down the runway.

So?  I don’t know, shoot for the moon…can’t hurt to try.  But, also make plans to get started down the runway too.  It’s a both/and.

For me, I hope 2013 is a hugely different year…filled with love, understanding, peace, and compassion.   I hope we learn to listen to each other in an kind way.  I hope we learn to be less “self centered” and more “giving”. ..less judgmental of others.   As a Christian, I hope to embody my faith in a much more genuine way rather than talk about my faith.  As a Christian leader I hope to lead by example more than statement.   At the end of 2013 I hope I can say I have left this year in a better position than what I found it when I entered into  it.

Wow, that’s a mouthful.  Yep, it is.  But it’s noble enough for me to feel like I can live a life with intentionality and energy.  It’s a “moon shot”.

How about a “runway” shot?  What would be good for me to do that would simply be part of moving down the runway?

My new year’s resolution…from the runway of life?   I will do something good for somebody, every day.    So, today Lord–help me have the eyes to recognize the one you bring across my path for whom I am to do something good…and give me both courage and energy to act on behalf of them.

What’s your “moon shot”?  What’s your “runway shot” for today?