Here are two different thoughts in today’s post–though at the end I am going to do a Bobby Orr move and bring them together.

So, how’s 2013 looking for you?  I am still in the glow of the first week.  During the first week of any year I am so over the top hopeful that I can barely stand myself.  I think that “this year will be different”.  I realize I set  the bar pretty high for myself but I really do believe that I can look back after a season or two and see a significant difference in the landscape.  For me it comes from “setting goals”.  You know, thinking through what I hope to see happen and breaking it down into understandable, believable, defined directions.  GOALS. Remember the old school idea of SMART goals?

I’ll let you take it from there.

Here is my second thought for today’s post.  As a Canadian, I am kind of bummed out by the hockey world around me.  I was living pretty well with the World Junior Hockey Championships in Russia (for those unaware of the issue, every year about 10 hockey nations send their best team of under 20 year olds, called “juniors”, to a 2 week long tournament.  The winner carries the crown for the year. )

Well, yesterday, in a “win or go home” semi final, the US of A team defeated Team Canada 5-1.  They didn’t just beat us, they crushed us.  They laid a “whuppin” on us. Ouch.  It hurt.  I don’t blame the kids but I won’t lie to you, my pride as a Canadian is hurting.  Losing hurts–and losing to the Americans hurts doubly.

So, I am reaching out for a little love and support today.

Here’s where the post comes together…watch this…the reason why Canada lost to the US yesterday was because “we didn’t have enough goals”.

My weak point at the end of this post is—“THAT’S WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE GOALS IN LIFE”.

Can I get an “amen” on that one?