That is such a good line.  I wish I could say I phrased it but it belongs to a man far beyond my pale.  It comes from the brilliance of Winston Churchill, prime minister of Great Britain during the Second World War.  Smart, cheeky, hopeful.  Churchill at his best.

So, what are you going through right now?

I listened to a friend tell me his story this week.  If he hadn’t been so candid you would never have guessed it.  From all outward appearances you would think his life was magical–health wise, career wise, family wise, personal wise.  If anybody were to be envied I think I would have put him right near the top of the list.  But his private world was in such turmoil.  A situation far from the public eye could only be described as “hell”.  Not many (if any) really knew much about it and it wasn’t something that required public broadcasting in the National Enquirer.  It was just a personal situation that required courage, and patience, and fortitude and hope.  When he shared it I actually thought higher of him given his inner strength.  A lesser man would have been crushed long ago.

Dante Alighieri, the Italian 14th century philosopher, scripted an epic poem entitled The Divine Comedy.  The first part is entitled Inferno  and describes 9 levels of hell, each different from the other but each of them enough to remove and keep a person from blessedness.

Not to minimize the impact of Dante’s words, nor to trivialize the idea of Hell, but we all go through “hell” periodically.  For some it’s a quick zip, for others it’s a slow march.  The net result is the same–we find ourselves removed from blessedness.

Chances are people in your life encounter some of what I write.  In some cases you’ll see it and in other cases you would never imagine it unless they disclosed it to you.

As Churchill suggests, “if you are going through hell”…the best advice possible is “keep going”.