I have a friend who regularly sends me photos of the cup of coffee he is about to enjoy.  Usually there is a cute quip attached to the photo.  Sometimes he mentions the person he’s with.  Other times he speaks of the location he is in.  Periodically he’ll drop a hint as to why he chose the exotic blend of coffee he did.  For him, a cup of coffee is a simple pleasure.

What’s your simple pleasure?

Sometimes our lives are so full of duty and responsibility and timelines and tasks and commitments and obligations…that we have no room for simple pleasure.  Other times our lives are so full of pleasure…vacation?  enjoyable engagements?  fun things?  rich and satisfying relationships?  recreation?  that we have no room for “simple” pleasure.

I remember Corrie Ten Boom.  The Dutch survivor of the Nazi concentration camp era penned a phrase that has stuck with me over the years.  She referred to “the blessedness of owning nothing”.  Stemming from her experience of having nothing, she could see simple things as huge gifts and moments of enjoyment.  It’s true, if you have “nothing” then even a little thing becomes “something”.  But, if you have “everything” than there is the real potential that something small becomes “nothing”.  That can be too bad as well.  I probably struggle more with the full ditch than the empty ditch on the road of life.

So, for sake of discussion, what is your simple pleasure today that will interrupt your world of obligation or your world of pleasure…that is so profound that you recognize it for what it is…a gift?

3 Guidelines for Simple Pleasures—

1.  it has to be an interruption from your daily routine

2.  it must bring you some pleasure

3.  it can’t cost you a small fortune

Hope you find one today, and regularly.