I was speaking with a pastor in Northern Saskatchewan the other day.  I asked a  general question about the weather and he responded that it was -31C and a little bit of blowing snow.  And  there was more snow coming.  My response was “ouch, that sounds horrible!” and his response was prophetic as well as sensible.

Summing up all his pastoral care and wisdom he told me to “suck it up, it’s late January in Northern Saskatchewan, what else do you expect”?  And we both broke into gales of laughter–because he was right!   It’s late January in Northern Saskatchewan for goodness’ sake.

Life is hard.  There, I said it.  In life we go through some incredibly hard times.  Some of them are our own situations, others are handed to us.  Sometimes we experience delight but it’s amazing how hard things can be at times.

We act surprised?  The Bible reminds us that we must go “through many tribulations” to enter into heaven (Acts 14:22).  Peter the Apostle tells us to “not be surprised at the painful trials you are going through” (1 Peter 4:12).   James the Apostle talks about “trials of faith” and encourages us that they develop patience and perseverance.  (Thanks James, I needed that).

But it’s all true.  Life is hard.

So, now that I know that I guess I can soldier on without feeling like it’s personal.  Life IS hard.

Can I close with a personal note though?  I often eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.  Being Scottish it’s in my DNA.  But I also know it’s healthy for me even if it tastes and looks a lot like wallpaper glue.  But in order to cut the reality of oatmeal, I sometimes throw a handful of raisins in the mix.

Hey Lord–any chance I could get a raisin today?  Life’s looking a little oatmealy right now.