He’d gone to his uncle for some help.  It was no easy task asking for help.  He  was  proud.  He’d been raised to be self reliant.  He had struggled with the situation facing him for months.  He finally came to the conclusion that he had no other options.  The situation was hopeless, and he felt hopeless.  So he turned to someone he loved.

And his uncle said “no”.  In fact, what was more hurtful than “no” was the uncle explaining to him how he was “the architect of his own demise and really needed to fix his own problems”.  That hurt.

I wasn’t there in the discussion so I really can’t comment on the uncle’s reasoning.  But I was fully aware of this man’s hurt and disappointment.  He was filled with dashed expectations, chastisement instead of support, hope crushed, the weighty problem now a weight heavier.

We talked long about it.

What made it doubly difficult was the expectations.  The man believed that God would help him in the midst of it all and the agency God would use was this uncle.  I gently nudged him to consider that maybe he was trusting more in a human solution, than a “divine solution” to his situation?

Maybe God’s provision wasn’t in this human conduit, but maybe a different conduit?  or maybe even through a yet to be discerned provision?   Sometimes God gives us a blazing torch of light and other times it looks like a candle on the horizon.

This was more a candle than a search light.  He finished up with a flicker of hope in the darkness.

But back to the human side of the discussion, isn’t it amazing how we hurt the ones we love?  And the ones we love hurt us the most.  Makes you nervous about engaging in love doesn’t it.  That sounds like a topic for another post.

Who is counting on your love today?  Who’s love do you count on?