A great conversation starter with a new person is “so, what do you do for a living?”   They usually respond with some kind of description and it’s logical to ask the next question–“where do you work?”  And that leads to another level of dialogue.  But a question that rarely gets asked is “who do you work with?”   I am asking the question not in the sense of “clients” or “customers” but in the sense of “coworkers”).  Who do you work with?    Let me ask you–who do you work with?  What are your co-workers like?

I wonder if that’s more of a deal breaker than we first admit when it comes to job satisfaction?  It’s not what you do that grinds you, it’s who you do it with that makes if great/miserable.  What do you think of that?  IF you could choose your team, would you choose the team you have?


I feel for pastors especially ones with a heart.  They don’t get to choose their parishioners.  God sends them along and he/she is obligated to handle what God sends.  They are not strictly co-workers but the Bible does speak of them as co-laborers.  You get my point.

A few years back our church was broken into.  The police came by to survey damage and fill in a report.  One officer remained to do “fingerprinting”.  He wasn’t really optimistic about it being effective but it was part of his job.  I chatted with him while he worked.  I commented that he had a rough job.  I said, “you work  with people in distress, usually handling some crisis or disaster, at times people are miserable to you”.  He started to laugh.  I quizzed him “why”?  “Well, it sounds a lot like your job, but with one exception.”   I asked him and he responded “the people I work with don’t ever get my home phone number”.   Well played Mr. Officer, well played.

So, as I said above, “who do you work with”?