I phoned a young pastor recently.  I like talking to young pastors.  They are refreshing and optimistic and hopeful and full of vinegar.  I sometimes lack so much in those areas that there is a selfish motive for me calling them.  I say I want to “encourage them” as their denominational leader but the truth is, they inspire me.

So, I am talking to this young guy.  I shared with him a perplexing situation I was dealing with.  It was complicated, but not overly so.  So, I thought I would invite him to render his opinion on a mildly, gluey situation.

I loved his response.  He listened to me, paused, drew a deep breath and then started in with a profound statement.  “I don’t know, man”.  And then he went silent.  I figured he was revving his engine/building steam andwas just pausing to gain momentum.  But he didn’t say anything else.  That was it.

“I don’t know, man”.  Hmmmm.

I actually thought highly of  him.  It takes courage to say you “don’t know”.  I guess he was pleading ignorance.  It wasn’t apathy, it was honesty.  I liked that.

I was praying earlier today and as I was praying, I realized “I didn’t know”  much about the steps of  today or tomorrow.  I had a good handle on the big picture.  I am confident that Jesus is coming back for His people but I really don’t know a lot about the in between steps.  So, when I prayed to God this morning, it was echoing to God the words of this pastor, “I don’t know, MAN”.  And I think the BIG GUY was pretty understanding about it.