I know, it’s an old quote.  The answer is “easy”.  But the truth is it does help to ask a lot of other questions before you start chomping.

A series of questions to ask yourself before you tuck in your bib and pick up your knife and fork:  African or Indian elephant?  No, seriously, think about it.

1.  do you know what it is you are trying to eat?  What’s the job?  If you have a clear picture in your mind the eating goes easier.

2.  do you have the right tools?  starting something isn’t the same as doing something or completing something.  What might you need to get it done?

3.  do you have any experience in eating/digesting this kind of elephant?  the first time through anything is slower than the 10th time.  And way more harrowing.

4.  is there a web site?  you tube video?  hard copy book?  friend?  that you can access for starting advice…or mid session advice?

5.  do you have enough time to eat this elephant…or do you need to schedule multiple sessions?

6.  do you have appetite to eat this elephant or do you need to figure out a better starting point?  I am not advocating procrastination, but if you’ve just consumed a buffet load of other animals, do you really have an appetite to sit down to an elephant?

7.  who else is supposed to help consume this elephant?  good to get the team to the buffet table.

8.  what’s your clean up plan after consumption?    Nobody seems to mind the idea of a nap after a hefty Thanksgiving feast.  What’s your reward for finishing the eating?

Bon appetit.

Me?  I am facing a challenge this afternoon.  I need  to an elephant.  Time to practise what I preach.