I am heading out the door to be with a church that is having a pretty neat celebration this Sunday.  They are paying the last installment of a $3 million dollar mortgage that they took on 12 years ago now when they built a facility to  house their congregation.  $3 million in 12 years, with just over 250 people helping to do it.  I am impressed.

If one person earning $50,000 a year had given every penny earned each year, she could have done it in 60 years.  If one person earning $10 hour had given every penny he earned he would have taken 150years to get it done.

But together they got so much  done.  We can do so much better together.

On March 18, 1961, then USA president John Fitzgerald Kennedy stood in the House of Congress and announce that before the end of the decade an American would walk on the surface of the moon.  The boldness of the statement was almost laughable.  Til that time no human had  broken the gravitational pull of planet earth.  But on July 20, 1969,  Neil Armstrong descended the steps of the Lunar Excursion Module and announced to a listening world, “that’s one small step for man, one gian leap for mankind”.

How did that happen?  It happened because the team of men and women at NASA put their collective heads together and dreamed, experimented, tested, collaborated, failed and eventually succeeded,…together.  We can do better together?

What is your dream?  Who else can you call on to share the dream that you do better together?  Who has a dream?  How can you join with them to see their dream reached?

We can do better, together.