I don’t think I am shy, but I really don’t enjoy it when people make a big fuss over me.  I can handle the attention of standing in front of a group.  In fact, I think I kick into another gear when I see a crowd with a microphone in front of them.  Over the years I have preached sermons, made speeches, given talks, stood up at public rallies, and answered the bell when someone had to “talk for the group”.

But I don’t like it when people start talking about me, or paying too much attention to me.,..or fussing over me.  I just don’t like it.

Today’s post is linked to yesterday’s and goes in a diagonal direction.  It’s the idea that God is in things, and we need to appreciate it.  God’s in all things.

God pays attention to the little things in our lives.  He says He sees a sparrow fall from a nest.  He knows the number of hairs on our heads.  He gives food to the birds in their plight for daily life.  He’s in the small things as well as the big things.

I hear that but frankly, I don’t really appreciate it.  I like to think of God as taking care of business by ordering the universe, making sure the stars don’t collide, doing Good Friday and Easter, raising up leaders (and taking them down), opening huge bodies of water, changing the course of history.  I don’t really appreciate it when He makes a fuss with the little things in my life.

But He does.  He is in the daily things of  my life as well as the monstrous events of history.  And I need to appreciate it more.

Bottom line–God is in our lives.  And the stuff that happens is for a reason.  It’s designed to do something far greater, far more Godly, than we initially appreciate or imagine.  For me it’s just “stress”, or “a problem”, or “a situation to deal with”.  For Him, it’s an opportunity to see something Godly happen in me and the situation.

So, as my life comes to me, in all its successes and messes, the theological inquiry I need to ask of it is–“so, where is God in all this, and what is He trying to do through all this?”  God is in the details, making a fuss in my life.