The last 48 hours have been pretty full for me.  As a Christian minister involved in  denominational leadership I get the chance to see the Easter weekend expressed from a number of different church view points.  I was part of 6 different congregations in various ways over the weekend.  There was a lot of similarities in each but also some individualities too.

I was part of two Good Friday experiences.  The central theme for both was the crucifixion and burial of Jesus.  There was no missing that.  But each took a different tact on it.  One group chose to “celebrate” the atoning work of Jesus whereby the sins of the world are forgiven.  It was actually upbeat, energetic, and invigorating.  The other group went a different direction and emphasized the suffering of Jesus on behalf of the people of the world.   It was dark, reflective, sobering.  You left the church feeling kind of “down”.  Both were theologically good, but boy were they dramatically different.

I experienced four different dimensions of congregational life earlier today.  Each was centred on the resurrection of Jesus but again a different theme emerged at each.  One preacher emphasized the “historicity” of the Resurrection.  It was a compelling message full of facts, arguments, rebuttals, and invitations.  It was powerful.   Another chose to speak of the incredulity of the miracle of Resurrection.   Yes, the Resurrection is an incredible thing.  For some  it’s just too incredible.   He was right.  It’s still incredible A third preacher emphasized the power that raised Christ from the dead is the same power that is available to the Christian believer to live his/her daily life.   It was a good reminder to help listeners face their daily challenges.  Power is available.  The final preacher chose to talk about the Resurrection of Jesus as a precursor to a final resurrection when all of humanity will finish its earthly journey and will see time end.  It was a pastoral (comforting) but also prophetic (alerting) message asking us to anticipate the day when we’ll see the RisenJesus face to face.

All in all it was a pretty powerful day.  I was thrilled to hear the message of Resurrection brought in so many ways.

What was your Resurrection emphasis today?