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A friend of mine enjoyed another birthday recently.  It’s one of those “40 something” birthdays.  He’s not young, but he’s not old.  He’s in the mid years.  These are pivotal years.  If you are under 40 and reading this take it by faith.  If you are past 40 and reading this you know by experience.  These are pivotal years.

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Be fore you get to 40 so much of life is just presented to you.  You can think of challenges and make some choices but a lot of times, you just naturally step into them.  You leave home…at some point in time.  You go to post high school education…at some point in time.  You enter into a relationship and get married…at some point in time.   You have children…at some point in time.  You lock into a job/position/career…at some point in time.

But in your 40’s those things no longer naturally occur.  If anything you begin to limit your options.   It sounds so scary to let go of the stable and predictable for sake of the unpredictable.   What was easy to do in your 20’s now seems foolish.

If you aren’t careful you can become so careful that you begin to atrophy, slow down, and eventually die intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  And eventually physically.

For me, I want to keep living until it’s my time to die.

So, I am personally launching some new challenges in the next season.  I am leaving behind the “safe” to try and accomplish something significant. I am going to “retire” from my job, and start a new endeavor using my talents, experiences, and passions.   I am using the last half of my life to do something that I wanted to do in the first half of my life but found the needs of life had suffocated them out.  It’s not like starting over, it’s more like “getting back to”.

I won’t lie to you.  It’s risky to change jobs/careers at this point.  It’s scarey.  But it’s necessary.  Let’s see where God can take us over the next few decades.  We are going to buckle our chin straps and hold on.  Let’s have some fun while we can.

If you are over 40 today and reading this, what’s your challenge that you need to take on?   Here’s a thought, do you know someone over 40 that should get a copy of this post?  Why not forward it on to them.    We all periodically need a new challenge in order to stay living.