I am puzzled by the gamut of emotions in life.  As I write this somebody somewhere is crying.  Somebody somewhere is smiling.  They are in different locations so it’s not a case of mistaken reactions.  For every one who is overcome by their situations –there are those in other situations who are dancing and smiling.  What situation do you find yourself in?

If you are smiling, enjoy it.  It won’t always be as delightful.  But enjoy the moments.  If you are crying, let it rip.  The sadness will eventually let up.  But you can’t just “turn it off”.  Give it a good cry, then let your life rebound.  We can’t let our sadness bury us.

If you are standing next to a laugh-er, don’t rain on their parade.  Let them have a little joy.  If you are standing next to a cry-er, put an arm around them.  Let them know you understand their sadness.  Someday, it won’t be so sad.

The Good Book tells us to “rejoice with those that rejoice and grieve with those that grieve”.  That’s good advice.