“Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.” ~ Albert Einstein

What kind of example are you setting?  If people were following you around and drawing conclusions about life, what would they conclude?  What model are you setting for others?

I write those words…pause…re-read them…and realize how weighty they are.  They are both crushing and liberating.   If you are by nature a light hearted, self enjoying, personally positive person–it can fire you up to realize that you are working out your influence just by walking around!  Don’t worry about life and leadership–just live.  People will draw their own conclusions.   But if you are a sensitive, self critical, personally despondent person–your own poor self esteem leads you to be at best ineffective and at worst destructive in the life influence game.  You worry about life and leadership because people are observing you and you personally don’t like what you see about yourself.  Can’t win.

Here’s an idea, let’s decide today to do one thing that if it were to be repeated by someone else, it would make for a better world.  A deed of kindness?  A word of encouragement?  A gift of love in the moment?  A reaction not reacted to (i.e. instead of blowing up at the situation like you’d like to, smile, take a deep breath and walk away).

We aren’t trying to control the world around us, we are just doing our best to influence it in the right direction.  We have an amazing capacity to do that by the example we set.

“A city set on a hill cannot be hid”.     Jesus