I know, this post belonged on last week’s timeline.  I could tell you that I am a week late or I could offer a different understanding.  Would you believe that I wasn’t ready to write this post a week ago?  It comes after a week of reflection.  There was something different in the air when it came to Father’s Day this year.

I am a preacher and it wasn’t all that long ago on  Father’s Day I used to detect a low grade anger boiling in the midst of the congregation on this day.  Mother’s Day was different.  Everybody was smiling and reminiscing and acknowledging their mother’s input.  But Father’s Day was border line painful.  A lot of people had “issues” with their dad.  I preached about fathers and I knew I had to work around, with and through a lot of pain.

But I didn’t sense it this year.  In fact, “fatherhood” was in vogue again.  I saw a lot of young father’s stepping up to the role.  I saw a lot of wives giving props and support to their husbands.  I saw a lot of people doing their best to honour their dad.  Weird, I didn’t see it coming.

What’s your take on it?  Why the shift?