I have been asked to speak to a group of teens at a youth camp coming up in a few weeks.  The director contacted me and was quite surprised I said “yes”.  I guess he’d had a lot of rejection, or figured out the “glamour” wasn’t high in the job, or maybe he just didn’t think I would ever want to travel to Northern Saskatchewan to speak to a group of teenagers for a week.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I jumped at the chance.  Why?

Because decisions are made in our teenage years and experiences are had in our teenage years that shape the rest of our lives.  The cement is truly wet in these days.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a week of my life this summer.

So, here is my plan .

He asked me to speak about “spiritual warfare” which I agreed to do.  Many of you readers can relate to the topic.  Probably some of you have had a ton of life experience wrestling with that reality.  It’s true.  There are forces at work and a force at work that works against progress, and maturity, and godliness and wellness.  A wise person admits it and doesn’t get frightened out of their tree worrying about it.  The boy scout’s motto “be prepared” comes to mind here.

Here is what I am thinking. All of us desire great harmonious relationships with our loved ones but there are times when they blow up like cheap balloons.  What’s with that?  We all want a job or career that is fulfilling and satisfying but too often they drain us a like cheap pen light batteries. How come?   We all want to experience life satisfaction …but sometimes it feels like we’ve been eating too many bean burritos.  Ouch.

A simple truth is that life is hard…and it’s a constant struggle.  The Bible talks about the unholy Trinity–the world, the flesh and the devil–as constant adversaries to what is good.  The culture and society around us isn’t benign.  It can be destructive.  (You known the subtle influence for good/for bad that friends can be).  We ourselves can be our own worst enemies at times (the spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak).  And then to top it of, you mean to say there is an entity called the devil who is a spiritual force at work to blow up the good things of God’s world?  Yep.    Wow.

Some of us manage this struggle well.  Others of us get beat up far too regularly.  What’s been your journey?   Want to send some good suggestions for me to use?