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Something I was re-reading and thought, “this is true”. I share it again.

Jamey in Context

I am not trying to cast doubt on the goodness of God.  That’s not wise.  I know the Psalmist does it quite regularly but last time I checked, my name wasn’t David, and I really don’t have the personal liberty in my spirit to go commando against the Deity.  Me?  I am a get along guy.

But every once in a while I need help to understand a little better.  Like when my wife hands me a mittfull of pills, vitamins, additives, and tonics, and says “here, swallow these, they are good for you”.  I don’t  have a clue as to what I am swallowing, and some of them taste a little vile if they start to dissolve on my tongue,  but I take her word as truth.  They must be good for me–my wife wouldn’t try to harm me would she?

And then I go to my family physician…

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