Do  you set goals?  I have on  my “to do” list a  note saying “set 2014 goals”.   I think it’s a good thing to do.  I read other writers who talk about the ineffectiveness of setting goals (how many are broken by the end of the first week?  how many are unsustained by the end of the first month? It’s pretty uninspiring if you need inspiration.)  But I still think it’s a good thing to do.  If you don’t have some targets, how can you consider yourself making progress?  Or, conversely, how can you consider yourself to be “wandering” if you have no basis for measuring the track?

Picture of a calendar with a pencil pointing to a date

I read recently of Don Shula, well known former coach of the Miami Dolphins of NFL fame.  He underplayed the value of goals and highly elevated the value of daily disciplines.  In essence he said, “you need big goals” but you’d be better off paying attention to the daily habits that lead you to accomplishing those goals.   Success comes through the first 25% in actually setting a goal, but in the last 75% by daily/regularly executing the goal.

Good point.  Self discipline is arguably the hardest discipline to master.

So, today, if you want to lose 15 pounds before summer…what will you do? If you want to have a better relationship with a family member by year end, what will you do…today?

I subscribe to Michael Hyatt’s blog and receive regular communication from him.  He suggests that writing down our goals is important and publishing them is essential.  So, here is one of my goals (and what it means to me today)-

LOSE 10 POUNDS IN THE NEXT 3 MONTHS.  Today, I will commit myself to eating a salad for lunch and I will eat nothing after 7 pm.

How about you?