They say that Roger Federer’s tennis games is slipping.  The long time #1 world competitor is presently ranked #6 in the world and some suggest even that is kind.   He hasn’t appeared in a Grand Slam final in over a year, and in fact hasn’t made a semifinal in that time either.  Unheard of given his track record over the last decade.  He’s being beaten by people he used to beat regularly and by people we’ve never heard of before they beat Roger Federer. 

Some suggest “age” is catching up to him.  Perhaps.  Some suggest “confidence”.  I think it’s it’s a combination of the two.  When your skills deteriorate you begin to be “behind the ball” rather than on “top of the ball”.  And being behind the ball causes you to begin to wonder about (think about?  doubt?) what you used to naturally do without thinking. 

Life is like that.  When you lose your confidence, you begin to hesitate.  You begin to over think.  You begin to doubt yourself.  Suddenly, things that were instinctual and reactive become unproductive even destructive.  You find yourself confused as you move from confidence to bewilderment.  It’s no fun is it. 

So, what’s the plan?  I suggest we learn to “slow the game down” for a while to see if we can restore confidence.  Maybe the game will never speed up to the place it was…or maybe it will again.  But fighting and losing consistently isn’t a great place to be.  Let’s try to learn to do “less” for a while, to see if we can get back to doing “more”. 

What does less look like for you?  If you had to slow your game down for a season, how would you do that?