I hit a wall last week.  A situation occurred that  made me want to fall on the floor and roll in agony.  I was facing adversity in my life and felt overwhelmed by the immensity of it all.  I don’t know whether it was the magnitude of the issue or the weakness of my constitution but I was just paralyzed by itl.   Ever been there?

Maybe you are in one right now, so this post will be only a small comfort.  Chance are you’ve been through adversity (we all have) so you can enter into the hope of it all.

What did you do in the midst of it all?

For me, a week later, I am seeing things in a different perspective.  I am still discouraged but I am in a lot better spot than I was a week ago at this time.  Here is what has helped me—

1.  Time–yep, the passing of time has brought some calming of the storm.  In the midst of the storm you feel overwhelmed.  But over a few days you realize that you didn’t die–you survived.  But it’s hard in the midst of it all.  Trust me, time is a great healer.  Give it a day or two or three and it’s amazing how things look differently.

2.  Perspective–there is a little phrase that states “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.  Okay, it didn’t kill me.  Am I stronger?  I hope so.  I am still in recovery.  But hey, maybe I will be stronger.  If it’s supposed to make me stronger, let it be.  But the bottom line, it didn’t kill me.  That’s the perspective I need to gain.  It was life affecting, not life threatening.

3.  Family/Friends–I called a number of family and friends to “talk it out” and boy was that helpful.  I found a lot of support and understanding in conversing with key people.  Funny how that is. Talking is good, talking to the right people is even better.  Hope you have someone to interact with.  Downloading isn’t dumping.  Okay, it’s a little dumping.  But the immensity of a situation could use some offloading.

4.  Faith–yes, faith enters in.  Not the glib, shallow, quick solution faith.  I am talking about talking to God with the heavy questions of “why?”…”for what purpose?”…”why now?”  “is there something I am supposed to learn here?”.  I can’t say that you get all the answers you  want, but it’s important to raise the concern to the highest possible level.  Take it upstairs.  He can handle it.

I guess I have faced adversity a lot of times but as I get older, my ability to absorb (strength) or ability to rebound (resiliency) seems challenged.  What’s your experience?