It’s Super Bowl weekend.  I love this weekend.  Actually, I love the hype and perspiration that leads up to this weekend.  Often the event itself is underwhelming.  Hard to say where tomorrow will go but like good marketing for any product, selling the sizzle is the first step in selling the steak.  I am a Peyton fan…and, I have an itchy feeling about those pesky Seahawks. 

The League has done a good job building this up.  Interestingly, holding it in New York (or is it New Jersey?) is a media event that has not been able to transcend the local community.  By that I mean, Super Bowls in New Orleans, Miami, even Dallas usually over take the city.  But not New York.  I think New Yorkers are aware of a big event on the other side of the river but that doesn’t stop them from their daily rhythms.  It’s New York for goodness sake.   Bring something bigger please. 

But a large part of North America is feeling something.

Seattle, Denver AP writers predict how their team will win Super Bowl

What is it that makes this build up so enjoyable?  If you are not a football fan in the slightest then there is no joy in this build up.  But if you are a fan, you know what I am speaking about. 

I think it’s the same feeling we get leading into Christmas.  We know Christmas is coming.  It’s a fixed date.  We know who will probably be in our Christmas (family, certain friends).  We usually have a location for Christmas (home…or not).  And leading into Christmas we get this build up of excitement.  Then, the day occurs…and it’s over.  Sometimes too soon. 

Sound like a Super Bowl build up to you? 

I think it’s the anticipation that gets us.  AKA “hope”.  We know the teams.  We know the players.  We’ve seen Super Bowls before.  But this year…like almost every year…we hope this year will be “super”.    We hope it will be an epic game.  We hope it will have moments that we’ll talk about later saying “did you see that play where…”.  We hope that it will have a climactic ending.  We hope there will be people around us that will accelerate our joy when good things happen.  And share our disappointment and frustration when good things don’t. 

For me, I look forward to the game…but I look forward to the company I’ll be with.  I look forward to the experience with family and friends.  I look forward.  I guess I am feeling  a lot of hope today! 

How about you? 

If not the Super Bowl, that what in life makes you live in anticipation and excitement?