Jamey in Context

horace pattersonHer Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.  That kind of says it all.  Canada has a tradition of “opposition” but it’s done by ones loyal to the larger issue not contrary.   Sounds contradictory but it’s our Canadian identity.

I try to help churches.  Sometimes in churches we perceive people as contrary to our opinion as not only oppositional, but as enemies.  That could be true.  But in the Canadian tradition we ought to see people with contrary opinions to ours as part of the process of sharpening ideas for sake of better ideas.  It can feel like winners and losers especially if the person across from us becomes attackful and triumphant.  But the process is the process.  We are trying to find better ideas.

In church debates the stakes escalate.  We can invoke God’s name into the debate and that simply takes it out of the realm of civility into the stratosphere of…

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