I just spent the last 3 hours watching Canada take on the USA in the semi final of the Olympic Men’s Hockey tournament.  As the final seconds in the game ticked down we were nursing a 1-0 lead.  I found myself “not breathing” as the players scrummed behind the Canadian net.  Even though we’d played a wonderful game, the Americans were great players.  One shot–one goal.  And it could have been tied in a heart beat.  And then it could have gone to the toilet in another heart beat in the over time or heaven forbid–shoot out.  It gripped me.  Finally the horn sounded and it was over.  And I breathed. 

Feelings?  Joy?  Relief?  Exhaustion?  Thought that maybe the hardest battle had been won? Hopefully Sunday’s gold medal game won’t be as stressful?  Realization that the USA is one fine hockey team.  The score was a lot closer than it should have been.  Credit to Jonathan Quick, the US goal tender. 

What if Canada had lost the match?  I won’t lie to you…I would have been pretty disappointed.  I don’t know why it grips me so tight, but it does.  I felt tears in my eyes as I watched the players celebrate around Carey Price the Canadian goal tender.  I call myself a “fan” which I realize is a short form for “fanatic”.   Yep, that’s me.

So, what grips you in life?  What siezes you up that when it happens, it can make or break your day or your week?  I hope there aren’t too many that do.  I don’t think our hearts could take the stress of living each day of each week of each month with a constant strain. 

BTW, I have set my alarm for 4 am on Sunday (PST).  I have a little hockey game to get up and watch.   May the best team win.  And may Canada be the best team.