Four short years ago it was referred to as the “golden goal”. Sidney Crosby scored it in overtime in the Olympic men’s hockey final game in Vancouver. Canada vanquished a very pesky, talented, tenacious US squad to claim the goal medal. I watched it happen and jumped out my seat as he scored.

Today, I watched the “golden game”. Canada again picked up the gold medal in Olympics men’s hockey defeating Team Sweden, 3-0. The outcome wasn’t a blow out, but the score was indicative of the game. Canada was clearly superior scoring a goal in each period and defending impeccably for 60 minutes. They played a beautiful game. It was a golden game.

I didn’t jump out of my seat at the end. I sank quietly back into the seat cushions of the couch. I had awakened at 4 am local time to view the game from Sochi Russia. I was nervous in the first period. I was feeling better in the second. And by the time the third period was halfway completed, I was feeling pretty relaxed. Canada had quietly, competently, and capably completed the task they had set out to do upon the start of the Olympic tournament. Efficient.

Thank you Canada men’s hockey team. I am proud to be remotely connected to you as a Canadian. I played hockey as a boy and aspired to be what you are today–world champions. But alas, talent wasn’t my forte and heart alone doesn’t take you to the pinnacle. But because I played the game, and because I am a Canadian, I can appreciate your accomplishment. And in my heart, I feel a bit of what you have accomplished. All credit to you, but thank you for bringing me and so many other Canadians–great joy. We share it together.

And thank you to all the Canadian athletes. And thank you to all the world athletes. You have given us a delightful 2 weeks in the midst of a long Canadian winter. It has been a pleasure to watch you compete in the last 17 days.

If there is a “spirit” of the Olympic games, I think we felt a full dose of it today.