I live in a part of the country that periodically gets “fogged in”. I know there are all kinds of climactic and meteorlogical reasons for the fog.  Today though I don’t want to explain fog.  I want to talk about the experience of fog.   Fog. 


Great photo eh?  Not very inspiring.  Maybe not creepy, but it sure does slow you down to think about driving in fog.  It makes you go slower (and take less chances).  It disorients you because a lot of life markers have disappeared.  Sometimes you don’t even know if you are on the right side of the road.  Space seems different. 

Periodically my life gets foggy.  I’ve never been one to “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” when it comes to fog.  I usually slow down on the road.  It’s the same thing in life.  When it gets foggy I slow down.  Because…

1.    I never know what’s in front of me (or who is in front of me). 

2.   I am not 100% sure of where I am on the road. 

3.   I am alert to, even worried about, “the other guy”. 

4.   I am not even confident that something might not come up behind me and run overtop of me.

I am going through a foggy patch right now.  It’s not wicked.  But it’s foggy.  So, I am slowing things down.  I am taking on a little less in life (the to-do list is smaller!).   I am paying attention more to where I am in the road (I just don’t assume I am cruising along merrily, I am watching for familiar marking points for sake of security and certainly cautious when I don’t see them).  I am mindful of what is behind me, and careful about what is in front of me. 

So, slow it down out there today.  If it’s foggy in your life, take it a little easier.  It’s okay to go slow. 

What’s your way of working through the fog?