These are affirming words.  They are constructive words.  They communicate caring.  When spoken by you they say a ton about you.  When they are spoken to you they are words of compassion and support.  Have you received them lately?  Have you used them lately? 

My son in law works at the Home Depot.  My daughter used to.  They learned a valuable approach to life when meeting people—“how can I help you today?  what do you need?”.   Not that socialization isn’t a good thing.  It’s great to ask, “how are you?”   It’s great to say, “how are you doing today?”  But moving beyond niceities, it gets to a very deep personal level when you ask of someone “What do you need?”. 
If someone approached you today and asked the pivotal question–“what do you need?”  How would you respond?  
If you had a chance to stand next to someone and heard their silent longing, or felt their evident hurting, could you ask them “how can I help”? 
Good words to share.