For 23 years I was a parish minister.  I loved it.  If you really want to be engaged with people and meet them at their best and their worst…then be a pastor.  I saw it all.   Sometimes it was in the same experience.

For the last 10 years I was  denominational leader.  I didn’t love it.  I only liked it.  Leading an organization involves people work, but it’s not about people primarily.  After 2 five year terms I completed a decade of leadership and stepped aside to allow fresh legs and fresh ideas to come along.  I don’t regret changing.

And now, I have “retired”.  As a late 50’s guy, I can say I have completed my 35 years and time to start a second career.  I recently opened a counselling and life coaching practice in the city of Vancouver, Canada.  I meet with people again.  Usually it’s one on one, sometimes it’s a couple or a family, periodically I am asked to address a group or conduct a workshop.  To use a sports analogy “I am in my wheelhouse” in this career.  I love people, at their best and at their worst.

My blog started a few years ago and is intended to be personal, and contributive.  It’s not the last word on anything.  It’s just my insights on life from my perspective.


PS.  Personal data:

1.  married for 34 years

2.  3 grown daughters

3.  grandkids.

4.  love hockey, golf, reading

5.  if I had a free evening and the chance to do anything, I’d spend it with two or three other couples over dinner and conversation.   Though it would be fattening, I’d prefer to do it in an Italian restaurant.  (Can you say 7 courses?)