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Do you remember Newton’s “First Law of Motion”?  I first encountered it in high school, probably grade 11 physics class.  It goes like this:

&lt;<em>”When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either is at rest or moves at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force”</strong></em>

To speak it in common language, “things that are already moving tend to stay moving unless something slows them down…and things that are standing still tend to stand still unless something perks them up”.   Question–is what you are involved with in life right now “rolling” or “standing”?   Chances are Newton’s first law is working.  If it’s rolling, keep rolling.  If it’s standing still…hmmmm.  Chances are it isn’t going to get going unless you see some kind of external force spark on it. 


Let me speak to the idea of "standing still" and see if I can bring some help to activating momentum.  If things tend to stand still unless acted upon by an external force, then as a leader you need to provide that external force to bring action to it.  It won't necessarily bring final satisfaction but you have to get things rolling before they can ever get to where they need to get to. 

So, call a meeting.  Get people together.  Get them talking.  Brainstorm. Get some ideas on paper. Agree to a course of action.  I was in a meeting the other day with 9 individuals.  We talked for 3 hours about the organization.  Finally, when we were about spent, the leader concluded by saying–so, “what” will we do about this.  We determined 3 things to get done before the next gathering.  And we appointed a “secretary” to contact each of us weekly to see what kind of progress we were making.  We’ll meet again in 2 months.  I felt momentum in the group. 
Doing something is not doing everything.  But doing nothing is…doing nothing.  You have no hope if do nothing. 
Sometimes the group you are with is deeply entrenched in it’s inertia.  It’s called a “resistant” system.  It’s found delight and satisfaction in standing still. It’s hard to “bust that nut” but it’s not impossible.   But sometimes it takes time.   Let me encourage you to think 3 years down the road as to what a new reality might look like.  Get others thinking “futurely”.  Dream about what could be.  Then, move it back to today and tomorrow and ask…”what can we do today to move us that way?”  The answers may not be precise or even linear…but doing something is better than doing nothing.   We are not going to get everything done in one step, but we are going to take one step…and one step at a time. 
As a leader it’s your job to help people move forward.  What’s your dream for this group?  Dream the dream with them.  Let them own the dream with you.   And support them as they help the dream come true.